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World’s Most Expensive Fishing Rods

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When you are a diehard addict of fishing and want to splurge and break your bank on an expensive fishing rod, you should know what you are getting into or the factors that need to be considered in this regard.

The first of course is the price and why it is so expensive. There are a number of possibilities. The rod maybe pricey because of its quality or maybe it is handcrafted by a well-known rod maker. Fishing rods that are signed by famous fisherman also carry high price tags. However, your primary focus should be on whether the features and specifications match your requirements. Only then should you reach for your wallet.

The best way to know about the quality of any product is to use it. But you simply cannot tell the store that you want to try out a fishing rod before buying it. The next best alternative is to read reviews and come to a conclusion. Remember, if the expensive fishing rod does not meet your expectation it is a waste of precious dollars. Instead, you might well have walked into the nearest Australian Diamond Company store and bought a diamond ring for yourself! At least it will be an investment of a lifetime.

Here are some of the world’s best fishing rods that you can buy commercially or even have one especially crafted for you. The price will vary based upon the extent of customisation that you want.

  • Fine Bamboo Oyster Rods $4,600 – These rods are handcrafted and made from a single piece of bamboo. You have to order it before hand and the craftsman will start from scratch. You can have it tailor made as per your requirements. The handle will be engraved in any design that you want. If there is no budgetary constraint, you can even choose to have it inlaid with gold. It then becomes so expensive that the price of the fishing rod can be had only on request. The cost of the rod starts from $4,600 but quickly zooms up with each personal request.
  • Helios 2 $800 – This is just the starting price and goes up with the type of rod and its size. There is a wide range of rods on offer – freshwater rod, saltwater rod and even one that can be used in both cases without causing any damage to the rod. The company also makes fly fishing rods that are of the highest quality. It is thus no wonder that the rods are so expensive.
  • Crowder rods $550 – This price is just the base price for these rods which goes up sharply once you start adding features and length to a rod. In fact this variation can even be in the range of thousands of dollars. Crowder rods are made from some of the finest components available such as premium E-glass structure and Aftco and Fuji parts.

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