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4 Top Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know

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As an angler, you must be spending hours reading about the right rods, reels, line and presentations necessary to catch fish. However, amongst all, you also need to know how to tie a strong knot. Knots are unsung heroes of the fishing scene but are overlooked, however, all the high-tech tackle and secret tactics in the world are of no use if your knot slips or weakens your line. Further, the right kind of knots can help you be more proficient and have more fun.

Here are the top 4 knots you should know.

  • Improved Clinch Knot

This knot is also known as fisherman’s knot and is a great all-purpose knot that can be tied quickly and works for most recreational fishing. It can used to tie on a live bait, small lures and rigs for fishing. The knot is strong and firm and has become a reliable standby because it can hold up in battles against fish. If you learn to tie one knot, this is it.

  • Palomar Knot

One of the simplest and strongest knots to tie is the Palomar knot. It doubles the line up around the line tie to give it strength, but if not tied properly it can also cut your line, so pay attention to details while making this knot. This knot performs similarly to the improved clinch knot in that it secures a hook to the end of your fishing line.

  • Blood Knot

The blood knot is an excellent choice for securing a fluorocarbon leader to braid. It is much easier to tie and also maintains good knot strength. It is used for tying two pieces of fishing line together. It is used often for fly fishing or for making use of broken or odd length fishing lines.

  • Surgeon’s Knot

Like the blood knot, the surgeon’s knot is also used to attach two different pieces of fishing line. This knot is optimal for fastening together two fishing lines of different diameters. It is easy to tie and is essential for anglers who keep bits and pieces of old fishing line lying around for future use.

These are the 4 top fishing knots every angler should know. Always remember to moisten the line thoroughly before drawing the knot to prevent line damage.